I partner with cross-functional teams to understand product and user problems, define the scope and requirements for a solution, and create best-in-class experiences.

I strive to know more about how our systems work holistically (design, front end, back end, CMS) every day. I know where we start and what resources are probably needed for success. On some projects, I handle everything on my own, from concept to design to code to launch. On others, the team and I complete the design and hand off to developers.

I’ve been intimately involved with two site redesigns, and one major platform refactor. I have designed, coded, launched and maintained every static page on the sites of the largest tire distributor in the nation. Later, I created highly-data-instensive and interactive prototypes as a UX technologist at Quiet Platforms.

    Quiet Platforms

    • Prototyping: High-fidelity, data-intensive and interactive
    • Design System
    • Scenario visualization
    • Edited and added new pages to corporate website using SquareSpace
    • React component library

    Password protected (email me)

    American Tire Distributors: User Flows

    The tire world is surprisingly complex. There are a lot of different scenarios to account for.



    • 7 years UI/UX design for online tire seller
    • Designed andcoded pages, enablng quick launches and testing
    • Organic SEO increased by 800,000 views per month by adding tire education pages almost daily
    • Created reusable design system to make sitewide changes
    • Coded almost every page and element displayed here.

    My process

    He’s someone who hears, “We can’t do that,” and thinks, “But what if we could?” Then he tries to find a way to deliver, whether it’s taking a course, scouring the web for support, or even creating a tool from scratch.

    Mike Plaster

    Marketing & communications professional, Plaster Consulting Group, Inc.





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