My Portfolio

Visual storytelling is my passion. My work spans years in newspapers, corporate communications and brand and advertising.

Design & Illustration

I’m a four-time winner of awards of excellence from the Society for Newspaper Design, an international design competition.

Motion Graphics

Whether it’s product launches, meeting openers, birthdays, holidays or retirements, make your message sizzle with my motion graphics expertise.

I had the pleasure of being Paul’s manager for several years during his time at Safeco Insurance and Liberty Mutual Insurance. From Day One, he established himself as one of the most uniquely valuable and versatile members of any team he was on.

Andrew Winstanley, fmr. Director, Brand and Advertising, Safeco Insurance

Today, Paul is not just a story-minded graphic designer. He now leverages video, Flash, interactive widgets and all kinds of other design tools (most of which I don’t understand) to help Safeco Insurance convey often complicated concepts in simple terms. He partners well with clients to find the most compelling parts of their programs, and in a few occasions made the client completely rethink their approach … and for the better.

Eric Trott, fmr. Vice President, Safeco Marketing

Paul has a vast and broad skill set that enables him to provide visual business solutions that many designers can’t. He has a tenacity that is unmatched in his field and a work ethic to deliver exceptional solutions for his business partners!

Steve Watson, fmr. Director, Product Marketing, Safeco Insurance

I can help build your brand.

Paul is a creative, daring and immensely talented graphics professional. His work always stood out, even among that produced by his peers in a very strong department. It was obvious that he was evolving far beyond the newspaper mindset, determined to make his mark across the spectrum of visual communications. I learned much working with Paul and would recommend him without hesitation.

Alexander Hill

North America Software Marketing Manager, Elekta (former Assistant Sports Editor, The State)

My Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • ActionScript 2.0 (some 3.0)
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • PowerPoint

How you advance a brand

  • Internalize the organization’s core mission;
  • Identify and empathize with the target audience to understand their motivations;
  • Communicate directly to the target audience, make it simple and do it with impact.

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